¤ŭE-mail address YJL@hanyang.ac.kr
¤ŭOffice phone 82 - 31 - 400 - 5696
¤ŭFax. number 82 - 31 - 400 - 5681
¤ŭCurrent Address Dept. Textile & Fashion Design,
Design College, Hanyang University 1271 sa-3dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan city, Gyeonggi-do South KOREA 425-791
Associate Professor, Department Chair in Hanyang University
¤ŭEwha Womans University, Seoul Korea, 1986-1990. Major: Clothing & Textile.
¤ŭEwha Womans Graduated Design University, Seoul Korea, 1990-1992,
¤ŭMajor: Clothing Design Degree: MA
¤ŭKyunghee Graduated University, 1996-2000, Seoul Korea,
¤ŭMajor: Theory of Fashion Design & Fashion Esthetics, Deegree: Ph.D.
¤ŭFashion Institute of Technology, 1997-1998, New York USA,
¤ŭMajor: Fashion Design Summer Course work
Prof. Lee Young-jae majored in Costume Design, following graduation from Ehwa Women's University. She has had a life-long dream to launch Korean fashion design all over the world. In her twenties, she was a fashion designer. Since her thirties, as a Professor, she has been teaching Fashion Design.

Moreover, she has been studying in a variety of fields, such as fashion design theory, fashion aesthetics, and Korean traditional costume, and has presented twenty papers and thirty proceedings. In particular, she has introduced Korean costume and culture to a journal listed in the Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A &HCI).

She has held about 50 group exhibitions, presenting " art to wear", in her bid to create practical and epoch-making Korean fashion design.

Recently, she has extended her fashion research to the fields of stage and movie costume production, and she hopes many graduate students will participate in her new research work. She has been helping her graduate students, so that they can get a good foundation in these fields, and can find rewarding employment after their graduation.

Her principal aim is to produce top-quality fashion design students who will contribute to assisting Korean fashion to make its mark in the international fashion industry.